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Linda Edwards

 Please click on this link to learn about an unresolved murder in historical Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I am currently field producing a docudrama series for a New York City production company. You can help by visiting the GoFund me page.

Linda Edwards Murder DocuDrama GoFundMe Page

We finally have some national attention and the field producer is trying to get the local PA to do some DNA testing. If you can help by sharing or giving, please do. Thank you.

Blowback Productions NYC


Blowback Productions was created by Marc Levin in 1988. He and his producing partner, Daphne Pinkerson, have made over 20 films which have won Emmys, duPonts, Cable Aces, and numerous other awards and accolades. They have told powerful real stories in a unique authentic style.

“Blowback” is a CIA/intelligence term for the unintended consequences of covert operations that boomerang or backfire. In other words, “What goes around, comes around.”

Click below to learn more about Blowback Productions NYC.